What is OKP4?

OKP4 Blockchain is a Cosmos SDK-based Pos chain. The scalable, secure, and efficient L1 blockchain known as OKP4 eliminates data warehouse bottlenecks. Scalability refers to the capacity to build a Data Field in accordance with the rules and convert its own data into useful services. They have access based on the regulations of the data field. Only the data owner is aware that he will only be able to contact the person he wants in this way.

The next generation of Applications is powered by the ever-expanding Dataverse known as OKP4. Anyone may create and join Data Spaces where common custom rules are used to turn members’ Datasets & Services into beneficial Applications. Without the involvement of any reliable third parties, and without allowing other participants or Application users to access your data.

What is Dataverse ?

One dataset may be included in several Data Spaces, and numerous applications may be constructed on top of a single Data Space, allowing the Dataverse Data Spaces to be stacked and overlapped. The Dataverse is a case of the whole being larger than the parts.

Roadmap of OKP4

KNOW, OKP4’s Native Asset

The native currency of the OKP4 ecosystem, KNOW, will facilitate value exchange. It is a method that enables the development of novel network architectures and technological innovations that are not reliant on a single source.

The total initial supply will be 200,000,000 $KNOW, and the maximum supply is 350,000,000 $KNOW (including block rewards, reached after 80 years).

Detail About OKP4 Company

The OKP4 is registered in Rennes, France. In two rounds, OKP4 funding money:

Pre Seeds: July 5, 2022
Seeds: August 10, 2022

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Also, Other points, the most important point in the life of a blockchain project is validators.

What is Validator?

An organization maintaining one or more nodes on a blockchain network is known as a validator. Its job is to make sure the blockchain operates effectively and with the highest level of user protection. For core development teams who require trustworthy parties to operate a blockchain in the most decentralized manner possible, a validator may be a priceless resource.

Nemeton Program?

The “Nemeton Program,” which is now being offered to 150 chosen validators, is what I’ll talk to you about next. Only 150 chosen validators are allowed to participate in the first four restricted phases. The team developed the “Nemeton Program” as a way to engage with the neighborhood.

The curriculum is split into 5 phases as well. Only 150 chosen validators are allowed to participate in the first four restricted phases. However, the fifth and final stage, which will be open to the whole Okp4 community, will start a new chapter for the Nemeton test network. As a result, you should follow this project.

Most Used Commands and Notes For Running Validators

Creating Wallet:

okp4d keys add wallet

Wallet Recover:

okp4d keys add wallet --recover

For checking logs for errors:

sudo journalctl -u okp4d -f -o cat

Unjail your node:

okp4d tx slashing unjail --from wallet --chain-id okp4-nemeton-1 --gas-adjustment 1.4 --gas auto --gas-prices 0uknow -y

Withdraw rewards from all validators:

okp4d tx distribution withdraw-all-rewards --from wallet --chain-id okp4-nemeton-1 --gas-adjustment 1.4 --gas auto --gas-prices 0uknow -y

List all proposals:

okp4d query gov proposals



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